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All of the Limited Edition of 99 of this Hippo Design have now been sold.

Glass size is 54 inches by 36 inches oval and can be made as small as 36 inches by 24 inches oval or 36 inches round. It can also be made larger up to 60 inches by 48 inches. For information on other table dimensions please.

To date the hippopotamus design has been very popular throughout the UK, Europe and as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Florida & Tokyo. As with all our sculptures, it is made to a limited edition of 99 which have now all been sold.

Mark feels he has captured the Hippo in a way that appeals to people from all walks of life that is both fun and unusual. The glass represents water, the Hippo's head and back sitting our of the water line.

The Hippo collectibles are so endearing that some customers have named their hippos, see below. As yet the first mold, known as the "Artists Approval" has not been named - email in your suggestions and we'll announce the winning name in due course. Due to demand, visitors can now register their interest in the Hippo table - if any come back on the market, those on the waiting list will have first offer.

Hippo Body Sculpture

Hippo Names

01. Hugo 02. Kiboko 04. Nigel
05. Trude 06. Ethel 07. Henrietta
08. Hippolina 12. Iain Gordon 15. Knowlsy
17. Hector 18. Hilda 19. Henry Winston Potamous
20. Gloria Smud 22. Humphrey 23. Bodho
24. Kaba 25. Strawberry 26. Hamish
27. Horatio 29. Bumi 31. Harry
33. Roni 34. Harrison 35. Eltie
36. Hollow Wallow 38. Zulu 40. Thomas
43. Duncan 46. Henrietta 47. Winston
48. Limpopo 49. Happy 50. George
52. Elliot 53. Hippocrat 54. Louie
56. Humphrey 57. Harold 58. Gerald
59. Hemingway 61. Hettie 62. Hugo
64. Hippy 65. Hamish 66. Horace
68. Ardsley 70. George 71. Henrietta
72. Harrison 76. Henrietta 78. Esmerelda
79. Humf 80. Hippopo 81. Eusebius
82. Raja 83. Charlie Barnsdale 84. Rafiki
86. Dillan 89. Hamish 90. Henry
95. Earl of St Helier 96. George 98. Hank 
99. Harryetie        

Hippo Comments:

Please be informed that I have now changed address - Earl of St Helier (#95)

If there are any other Hippo's out there that are on the move please keep your friends and family informed.