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He is called “Al” and is one of a limited edition of 99 bronze sculptured alligator coffee tables.

After many months of “el lagerto” Spanish for “the lizard”, lurking in the shallows of the design studio he is ready to be released into the wild!

“Al” is cast using the traditional “lost wax” method. The bronze finish and patina are lovingly completed by craftsmen skilled in their art. The glass top will be a rectangle measuring 5’ x 3’ and made of 12mm (“) thick toughened glass with finished bevelled edges, conforming to British standard BS 6206.

A quite stunning piece measuring 60” long and standing 18” high, he creates a wonderful focal point in any room. Al peeks through the glass table top with only his eyes,snout, back and top of his tail above the water.

He dosen’t eat much and is easily cared for requiring only occasional dusting!

As with all our bronze sculptured coffee tables, once all Limited Edition are gone they’re gone; and, as all our alligators come with a certificate of authenticity and are signed by the artist Mark Stoddart,they are sure to become valuable collector’s items.

The photographs below show the stages involved in the design process. This begins with Mark sketching a design concept and when he feels he’s captured the subject, a quarter scale model alligator is made in clay.

Quarter Scale Clay Model
Quarter Scale Clay Model

The clay sculpture is then carved in full size from which the moulds are made. When Mark feels the design is ready the sculpture can then be produced.

Orders are being taken for this endangered species! For more ordering information please contact us at info@sculptart.com