All of the Limited Edition of 99 of this Hippo design have now been sold.

We are also compiling a waiting list should any of this original design become available. If you'd be interested in either the AP or in adding your name to the list, please email us or call us to discuss with the artist Mark Stoddart.

Mummy and baby Hippo in a pool of water with the head of mummy and the body of baby above the water line, the glass representing the water.

The glass is bolted onto the Mother and baby in two places and the glass is protected from the bolt by handmade PTF gromits with particular details to safety. The glass top can be made to suit individual requirements offering options on shape and thickness of the glass.

This table has been supplied to children's nurseries for years and the glass has stood the test of time.

The bronze finish and patina are lovingly completed by craftsmen skilled in their art. The glass top will be made of 12mm() thick toughened glass with finished bevelled edges, conforming to British standard BS 6206. To care for your bronze each table is waxed before is leaves us leaving you only to dust as and when required. Do not use any chemicals or damp cloths on bronze.

The top two photographs of those below show the stages involved in creating a cast bronze table. The process begins with Mark sketching a design concept and when he feels he has captured the right look and feel, a quarter scale model hippo table is made in clay. The clay sculpture is then carved in wax at the full size from which the moulds are made. When mark feels the design is ready the sculpture can then be produced.
Click here for more photographs and information on the casting process of our bronze tables.

Certificate of Authenticity - (Click to view)


Hippo Mother and Baby Names

01. Abbi and Henry 03. Madre y Hijo 04. Goro and Manyara
08. Dombey & Son 09. Hip Hip and Hooray 10. Esmorellda & Wally
23. Gertrude and Podge (Madonna & Child) 31. Pride and Joy 35. Charlotte and Aimee
36. Harriet and Fred 37. Tish and Tosh Potamous 38. Joshua & Ellie
40. Mrs. Hippi 42. Elinor and Harry 43. Baby Love
44. Hippocrates and Hiccups 47. Happy and Horace 49. Honey and Hugo
51. Hilary