The Apollo Table is an innovative, creatively designed piece of high quality furniture cast in bronze to celebrate achievements in space exploration.

Mark Stoddart chose the subject matter for this Apollo table design, as the developments which were directly influenced by space exploration touch everyone's life in some way. The Apollo table was presented to Buzz Aldrin late last year. Furthermore, Mark considers the first moon landing to be man's single most significant achievement in the last thousand years, and believes that ongoing space research will continue to impact on all our lives throughout the next millennium and beyond.

Mark's design for this striking piece of furniture for the home or workplace, centres round his representation of the Apollo 11 lunar landing module.

This forms the base of the table and is cast in solid bronze. Standing 20 inches high, the table is completed by a 45 inch diameter top of polished glass, carrying an engraved inscription of Neil Armstrong's famous quotation uttered as he set foot on the moon in July 1969.

If desired, the table can also contain a space within the base section which can be adapted easily to form a time capsule, allowing owners to store messages or items for family members to unlock and discover in the future.

"I was over the moon to receive this magnificent sculpture which I proudly display in my home in Los Angeles." Buzz Aldrin - November 1999.