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Shhhh.......Baby's sleeping! "Childhood" - our Hippo Mummy with her newborn Baby.

This baby hippo is snuggling contently into its mummy's neck as she watches over her protectively.

Mummy and baby Hippo in a pool of water with the head of mummy and the body of baby above the water line, the glass representing the water.

The glass is bolted onto the Mother and baby in two places and the glass is protected from the bolt by handmade PTF gromits with particular details to safety.

The bronze finish and patina are lovingly completed by craftsmen skilled in their art. The thick toughened glass top conforms to British standard BS 6206 can be made to suit individual requirements offering options on shape and thickness.

To care for your bronze each table is waxed before is leaves us leaving you only to dust as and when required. Do not use any chemicals or damp cloths on bronze.



"Childhood" Hippo Mother and Baby Names