New Hippo dining tables are available: Cheeky Hippo & Walk on the Wildside.

This Limited Edition Hippo Dining table is based on Mark Stoddart's first Hippo design.

This piece has sparked quite an interest from our existing customers and other Hippo Collectors, so much so that they have all now sold.

This "Daddy" sculpture forms the centrepiece of the dining table. Beautifully patinated to simulate the hippo hide, it really does make an amazing focal point for any dining room.


The glass is 15mm thick, oval with a flat edge and can be sized to seat as many 20 people.



Another Limited Edition design, Mark's delight customers seem to love the concept of this unique and individual piece.

"The fact that customers can specify the size of glass used in the table makes it a popular, attractive piece of furniture".


Alternatively, this imposing sculpture can be cast as one entire piece and placed outside to keep watch over your garden. It will only require annual waxing to keep it in beautiful condition.
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Width Length Shape

Chairs would be wooden frames with a choice of upholstery ie. plain chair with colonial or African design or animal print. Or your own fabric can be supplied to match your existing decor.

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