Music Room in Art Lovers House, GlasgowLocated within the House for an Art Lover the Music Room can now be hired for private functions. Designed from original Mackintosh sketches the Music Room is a contrast from the darker Hall and Dining Room to the white brightness of this room.

At first glance the Music Room chair appears very like the Ingram Chair (see below). Looking closer it is actually slightly lower than the Ingram Chair and where the Ingram has two slats in the back the Music Room Chair has three. The cut out shapes in the back are also different - the Ingram Chair is square and the Music Room Chair is referred to as a tear drop shape.

The Black Ingram involved seven different coats of laquer to achieve final effect. The White Music room chair is finished in Egg White. Click photo to see each in more detail.

White Music Room Chair and Black Ingram Chair White Music Room Chair
Mackintosh's Original Drawing

Photographs taken in the Music Room - Art Lovers House.

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