Scottish Field

"Mark Stoddart’s achievements to date, and his ability to create unique but functional works of art, have certainly been a giant leap for a man who has made his own dreams a reality” (December 1999)

Scottish Export Review
The five year old company’s furniture is proving to be a success in overseas markets. It currently exports to USA, Hong Kong, Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. (January 2000)

House and Garden
Sculpt Art has created this stunning bronze limited edition “Apollo” table, commemorating one of mans most incredible achievements. (July 1998)

Scottish Field
“ I am happy to promote the Apollo table, made in recognition of the moon landing as part of my on-going crusade to persue and discuss the latest concepts for public space flights and ideas for exploring the universe. (Astronaut Buzz Aldrin - November 1999)

Mirror Group
Sculpt Art Creations is an excellent export success story. Through the design and innovative pieces of occasional furniture, the company has managed to break-in to lucrative markets around the world” (November 1999)

Mark Stoddart, owner of Sculpt Art Creations, has used the first Apollo moon landing as the basis for his limited edition Apollo table. (June 1999)

Interiors for Architects and Designers
Sculpt Art Creations specialises in the production of limited editions of high quality furniture based on creative sculptures which are ideal purchases for striking pieces of furniture. (May 1999)

House Beautiful
Handmade copies of Mackintosh furniture from original pieces and drawings can be ordered from Mackintosh Creations. (August 1998)

The Home Show Magazine
“Designed by the Alloway company Sculpt Art Creations and cast in bronze by a Scottish Foundry the Limited edition Apollo table incorporates a model of the landing craft”.

BBC2 Several Careful Owners
(Featured Limited Edition Tables 1999)

Scottish Television Business Bites
(Featured Limited Edition Tables 1999)

ITV This Morning
(Featured Apollo Table 1999)

The Yomiuri America
Japanese press feature on Hippo and Baby coffee table (November 2000)

American Bungalow USA
Feature on Charles Rennie Mackintosh Art Lovers Dining Suite (Edition 29 June 2001)